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About us

Veriphant is a UK based business operating worldwide offering various data immutability services. Our platform allows the storage and verification of any data or process (With or without storing the data), making it completely immutable. We utilise the world's most powerful supercomputer to lock data in place.

Verify existence

Verify and legally prove a dataset existed at a certain point in time.

Verify ownership

Verify and legally prove ownership, with attribution that is independently verifiable.

Verify integrity

Verify the immutability of any data set.

Verify processes

Create audit trails for your business processes.

Verify delivery

Verify data or communication delivery, making tampering impossible.

Verify security

Securely encrypt your data, or solely use the cryptographic finger-print, keeping your sensitive data private.

Use cases

Legally prove ownership of your creations

Artwork, Music, Writing, Invention ...

Build applications that use immutable databases

Document management systems, Data share systems, Voting systems ...

Legally prove the existence of data

Medical records, Financial records, Legal records, Inventories, System backups ...

Create audit trails for your business processes

Corporate operations, Governance protocol, Charity procedures ...

Bespoke services

Veriphant custom
immutable databases

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Please contact us to find out more about Veriphant’s services. Don’t worry or feel embarrassed if you only have what seem to you to be very basic questions – often they are the most pertinent and difficult to answer!

You can find us on Twitter at or read articles about us at Bitcoin News and elsewhere on the web.