We utilise the world's most powerful supercomputer

At Veriphant, we make use of the world's most powerful supercomputer to make data completely immutable. This supercomputer or network of computers is known as the Blockchain, and is the transactional ledger for the crypto-currency Bitcoin. By creating small transactions, we’re able to insert plain-text cryptographic representations of your data into the irreversible digital currency ledger. We offer data storage too, so you never lose the original file which was finger-printed. You can even add a password, or encrypt your data, or you can look after your own data and only submit the finger-print representation.

The following cat picture has been inserted into the Bitcoin Blockchain by proxy.

The SHA-256 cryptographic finger-print is fa7286e55d7b2b2644e4930d487a7731e30d9d8cc5a37fc18242049b6ba91cde which can be seen within this Bitcoin transaction.

All you need to keep for verification is the original file (Unchanged) and the Bitcoin transaction ID, or just save the handy Veriphant receipt URL which contains everything you need: https://veriphant.com/data-finger-print:fa7286e55d7b2b2644e4930d487a7731e30d9d8cc5a37fc18242049b6ba91cde/bitcoin-transaction-ID:402c79de4b3c8c5ab31e15a9aaefbaacbfb5ed8f2619c0c3e12e7fdbb7773bce/receipt/